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Bakery B got started as a two people operation in 1967; then known as Best Bakery. This first outlet was at Jew Street, Ernakulam. Our family roots are from Thalacherry, Kerala; renowned as the origin of the bakery culture in India.
In my opinion, staying constantly passionate to producing only the highest quality bakery products has now made Bakery B a successful bakery chain in Kerala.
During the past years I have seen our outlets grow, having weathered many storms. Our product focus has changed and evolved for the better, in response to consumer inclinations. A crucial factor remains constant: our abiding commitment to always put our customers first.
I am proud not only of my family’s longstanding bakery tradition, but of each and every one of our staff and associates who contribute to the progress of Bakery B every single day. I look forward to continuing our service of bringing the best bakery products to the people of Kerala in the days and years ahead.
My sincere thanks go to each and every customer who consistently displays their patronage to Bakery B.

A.K. Viswanathan






In food industry, consistency is the key dominating factor. At Bakery B, all our steps and procedures are geared towards achieving consistency in quality, taste and service. Everyday our team makes a conscientious effort to deliver products and services that are safe, compliant and popularly accepted and preferred by our customers.
We start with premium quality ingredients and comply with all safety precautions that are essential for food industry. No shortcuts are ever practiced which could short change quality. Our chefs and their support staff are highly skilled and knowledgeable with a passion for producing only the best tasting products.
We use only Trans-free fat and triple refined sunflower oil. Besides, our special Kerala recipes are cooked only with refined coconut oil to achieve optimum authentic flavor and taste.
Our service staff is trained to be patient and listen closely to customer requirements.

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